Is it bad? (Thoughts about writing books of a series)

Let me be honest.

I’m afraid to work on book two of the Crossblade Chronicles. After the rewrite of Crossblade into In Search of the Sword, I’m honestly a bit intimidated.

I look at how long it takes George R. R. Martin to write one Song of Ice and Fire book, or how long it took Stephen King to write the entire Dark Tower series, and I shudder.

I guess, in a way, I think it is due to the size of the series that scares me. I’m much more comfortable writing another section of the afterwrath series, or one-off books like my current project, Death Pill. The sequel to ISOTS? Forget it.

What do you think? Am I justified in thinking this? Or just being a big baby? Have you felt this way working on a series?

With love,



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