In 2008 I was fired from my last job. In 2009 I had a very successful internet marketing business. In 2011, my business was closed and I had nowhere to go.

That’s when I found writing.

While difficult at times, I find it to be a rewarding challenge. The ability to create something from nothing still astounds me and the fact that people would WILLINGLY read my stories continues to amaze. I am grateful for every page read that I have constructed and am humbled by the opportunity to entertain.

But – and it was coming – I had to go back to work to pay the bills. While I’m willing to make the sacrifice for my family, I realized there’s gotta be a better way.

And it’s now my goal to see what that looks like.

What is this Blog?

Basically, if there’s one thing I learned about reaching goals, its having accountability. When there are others to keep you to something, its more meaningful and harder to break. This being the case, I decided on June 8th 2015 (today as of writing) that I would post my goals online, so that all the world could see them and hold me accountable.

With that, I also have read many times (and know from personal experience) that I need to create specific, attainable goals that are laid out or I will never reach them.

Here they are:

  • Be small debt free (excluding car and house) by my birthday – August 12 2015
  • Be mostly debt free (excluding house) one year from now – June 8th 2016
  • Be COMPLETELY debt free 5 years from now – June 7th 2020
  • Save $5k by July 1st 2018
  • Have a book deal in progress by the end of this year – Dec 31st 2015
  • Quit my job December 31st 2020

These are my long term goals for now, and will be listed in the sidebar, as will my short term goals.

I encourage you to share your own goals and follow along in my journey as I go along.

Thanks for stopping by!

Coty Schwabe



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